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Data center, desktop, cloud or remote location, Nlyte TAM extends beyond facility and compute asset management to the entire Internet of Things. Nlyte discovers, catalogs, and helps you assess everything attached to your network.

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Get and Remain Compliant with your software license including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, or any COTS application. Manage your software installs, usage, licenses and entitlements from a single source of truth across your global network, data center, client, and cloud.

Reduce Spending by optimizing your software assets paying for only the software and hardware licenses, entitlements, and support you are using and reallocating resources before buying new. Improve audit and license renewal negotiations with a proactive and continuous SAM solution.

Track and Report hardware and software usage by location, device, and user.

Reduce Risk by knowing what assets are attached to your network, who is using what, and what resources they are consuming.

Integrate Knowledge from a single source of truth ensuring current complete and accurate data is being used by other business systems, (i.e. ERP, HR, Security, DCIM) across the organization.

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Nlyte’s Gary Paquette uncovers how you can automate discovery, management, and reporting with Nlyte Software Optimizer agentless software.

Nlyte’s Technology Asset Management lets organizations automate the process of IT discovery and inventory through the intelligent collection and normalization of asset information. Leveraging the latest in current technology to provide seamless integration with enterprise applications and deployment, this approach allows companies to lower their operation costs, lower their life cycle costs and increase business efficiency and asset information accuracy.

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