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Technology Asset Management (TAM)

A Single Source of Truth. Manage – Cost, Security, Compliance, Operations

Desktop to data center,  cloud to remote location, Nlyte’s technology asset management software extends beyond facility and compute asset management to the entire Internet of Things. Discover, catalog, and assess everything attached to your network.

Who We Help

Chief Financial Officer

Nlyte’s TAM (technology asset management) solution helps Finance, Procurement, and Asset Managers with negotiating purchase and renewals, reconciling reality to the Fixed Asset system, eliminating wasted expenditures, and validating the disposition of retired assets.

Chief Security Officer

Nlyte’s TAM solution identifies all things attached to the organization’s network, providing detailed information about location, configuration, and accessibility monitoring for unplanned changes, unauthorized access, vulnerable software, lost and unresponsive assets.

Chief Compliance Officer

Nlyte’s technology asset management solution provides information on asset vulnerability, accessibility, system changes out of compliance configurations, and workflow audit tracking for GDPR, HIPPA, SOX, PCI, ISO audit reporting and ongoing compliance.

Chief Information Officer IT Operations

Nlyte’s TAM solution delivers a self-aware IT infrastructure by updating CMDB, DCIM, and BMS systems with current assets configuration and location improving efficiency and SLA on change management workflows and to helpdesk tickets.

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Nlyte’s Gary Paquette uncovers how you can automate discovery, management, and reporting with Nlyte Software Optimizer agentless software.

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TAM Solution Brief

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Technology Asset Management Global Survey Whitepaper

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