Provide Better Service with DCIM for Service Providers

Posted 06.11.12 in Announcements by Nlyte Software

Your customers are facing rising internal and external demands for IT services. When an existing data center can no longer handle an enterprise’s IT burden alone, or when it becomes necessary to establish a secondary site to provide enhanced business continuity or regional network support, an important decision point has been reached. For a number of enterprises, the obvious solution is to add another data center, and for many of those it means partnering with a Service Provider (SP) facility like yours.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and grab market share ahead before your rivals can, you need to be able to:

  • Accelerate the speed to on-board new customers by 50% and deliver faster time to revenue
  • Increase your customer responsiveness
  • Improve operational efficiency leading to greater profitability

“As an MSP facility provider, it is imperative to be able to allocate power, cooling and space usage at a granular level and use that reporting to bill customers at competitive rates. The nlyte DCIM Suite helps us onboard new customers faster, offer our clients visibility into their assets and gives them the necessary information to make important business decisions. Remote visibility and automated reporting are two of the many reasons why nlyte Software is ahead of the other DCIM vendors,” commented Steven Hall, Data Center Director at BendBroadband Vault.

Want to learn more about a DCIM solution specifically tailored to service provider facilities? nlyte Software’s DCIM for service providers can help. Go to the nlyte Software website to learn more.

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