Would You Like To Get More Out of Your Computing Infrastructure?

Mike Schmitt

Posted 01.23.18 in Data Center Efficiencies by Mike Schmitt

Nlyte would like to help you. After years of meeting customers’ stringent requirements, Nlyte has become the household name with data center owners worldwide. Whether you are talking with organizations in technology, finance, or the government, Nlyte is synonymous with data center management software (DCIM). Here are some ways we have helped others and can help you.

What makes Nlyte so ubiquitous to data center management?

  • First company with a modern DCIM solution
  • Sole focus has been DCIM software – for over 13 years
  • On 9th generation of technology – simplified deployment and user interface
  • Largest and most sophisticated data center deployments in the industry – see our customers
  • More assets and racks under management worldwide than any other DCIM solution
  • Proven methodology throughout customer lifecycle for ensured success
  • 98% annual customer retention

Beyond just Data Center Asset Management – A Strategic DCIM Vendor

Facts not Hype


  • Deferred the building of a new $20m data center, reduced operational spend by 7%

Northwestern Mutual

  • Decommissioned 15 cabinets worth of equipment

Sutter Health

  • Enabled migration of thousands of servers out of the regional facilities to the primary data center, while improving disaster recovery scenarios

When you need to improve data center management, control energy costs and carbon foot print, or implement your data center optimization initiative, turn to the DCIM vendor that the largest organizations in the world do – Nlyte.


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