Data Center Service Management and BMC Engage

Mark Gaydos

Posted 09.15.15 in DCIM Strategy by Mark Gaydos

We at Nlyte are back from BMC Engage which took place last week in Las Vegas. We talked with hundreds of people who attended the event. The thing all of us working at the booth noticed is that people buying software solutions are becoming much more savvy and knowledgeable about data center service management (DCSM)BMC Engage 2015

Where years ago people might have been discussing energy and space issues in the data center, most people we talked to were much more interested in improving the operational efficiency of their data centers. Some were talking about tying their data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems into their ITSM processes. This is in large part what DCSM is all about. Connecting the data center to the core ITIL processes that are occurring in IT in order to better measure and improve the operational efficiency of the data center.

I was fortunate to be asked to speak briefly with the All Things ITSM team about DSCM. If you are interested in hearing more about DCSM you can view that interview here.

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