Data Center Service Management (DCSM) Adoption Grows

Mark Gaydos

Posted 08.26.15 in DCIM Strategy by Mark Gaydos

Recently Nlyte announced our new data center service management (DCSM) solutions for the major ITSM vendors.  As Andy Lawrence of 451 Research said, “The next big step in the evolution and deployment of ITSM and DCIM is for them to be tied closely together, with DCIM integrated as a component of, or complement to, ITSM. When you combine these systems, you create end-to-end data center service management….”.

DCSM Adoption Grows

The increased adoption of Data Center Service Management (DCSM) is the result of organizations wanting to infuse the disciplined processes that ITSM / ITIL provides into the workflows managed within data center information management (DCIM).  The combination is powerful and can improve the overall efficiency of any data center.  You can read a good example of that increased efficiency in Nlyte’s latest case study with Sutter Health, a large California health care provider.

Nlyte will be demoing and discussing the value of DCSM at the upcoming BMC Engage Conference at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas Sep 8-11.  If you happen to be attending the event, please drop by booth 415 to learn more or just to say hello.  We will be showing live how organizations can improve the accuracy of their CMDBs, increase the efficiency of their processes and generate greater insight into all the KPIs surrounding their data center service.   For more info you can view this whiteboard video.

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