The #1 Trait of a Data Center Manager

Mark Gaydos

Posted 08.26.16 in Data Center Efficiencies by Mark Gaydos

The #1 Trait Needed for Data Center Managers

Recently Nlyte surveyed data center managers and ITSM professionals to find out where they gather information regarding industry news and new purchases. The survey results were very enlightening. See what sources your peers use to gather information by accessing the survey. View all survey results

Here’s a sneak peek at what your peers had to say:

  • We asked, “What’s the number 1 trait of a data center manager / director?”

The response: Of the more than 300 survey responses, the top trait mentioned was:

  • Leadership – Has a vision and communicates that vision for the direction of the data center resources and people.  

Full results for this question is included below:

What is the number one trait for data center managers and ITSM professionals?

The results indicate that data center personnel think it’s important to follow someone who has a plan for where they want to take the organization.

As an interesting sidenote, the traits “Frugal” and “Hardworking” were at the bottom of the rankings. Additionally, most of those selecting “Other” chose “All of the Above”. Of course there were humorous write-ins such as one person wrote “Likes Small Dogs”.

Regardless of whether you are fond of dogs or not, these survey results will help you gauge where and what the most sought-after information is that your peers are consuming to make informed business decisions. We are sharing the full results of the survey with you in the hopes you find this information valuable. View all survey results

Once you’ve reviewed the survey results, let us know what you think. Please leave a comment whether you agree or disagree with survey results. Tell us what you think is the number 1 trait of a data center manager or director.

We look forward to your comments.



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