Complying with the Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative

DCIM for US Federal Agencies

DCOI: The Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative

Announced in March and put into effect in August, 2016, the Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) has much different goals and additional rules compared to its predecessor, the FDCCI. The goal is to reduce the government’s sprawling data center inventory and the amount of money it takes to maintain it. The DCOI stipulates the installation of Data Center Infrastructure Management in order to develop and report on data center strategies to meet the requirements.

The three main goals of DCOI:

  1. Data Center Optimization
  2. Cost Savings and Avoidance
  3. Closing Data Centers

Get the details about the DCOI requirements and a checklist to use in your DCIM selection process.

Nlyte Approved by the Department of Homeland Security

Nlyte is the only DCIM vendor to be reviewed and approved by the Department of Homeland Security to help mitigate hardware and software cybersecurity risk within U.S. Government agencies in accordance with the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program standards. Nlyte Asset Optimizer and Nlyte Discovery provide the visibility of and control over assets needed for government agencies to ensure the integrity of their hardware and software.

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Nlyte DCOI on Demand

To enable U.S. Federal agencies to deploy Nlyte’s purpose-built DCOI solution more rapidly and become compliant with the U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) more quickly, Nlyte DCOI on Demand is now available. This FedRAMP compliant dedicated hosting environment will help agencies execute their “cloud-first” IT modernization priorities while consolidating and optimizing their facilities, all with the security the U.S. Federal Government requires.

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Nlyte DCOI Analytics

Nlyte was the first DCIM solution provider to offer a comprehensive product for meeting all the requirements of the U.S. Federal DCOI. The Nlyte DCOI Analytics Module enables US federal agencies to be able to securely share key DCOI metrics with overseeing, regulating “parent” agencies. After securely aggregating the vital metrics of DCOI, agencies can then roll this information up the reporting chain all the way to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget without exposing the operations of each federal agency to outside organizations.

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The Nlyte Solution

Based in Silicon Valley, Nlyte is one of the leading DCIM providers for United States Federal Agencies. With technology developed over a decade, Nlyte data center management solutions are being successfully used or deployed across many civilian, military and intelligence agencies within the US government.

Civilian DCIM solutions


Military DCIM solutions


Intelligence DCIM solutions


seal Proven solution used by industry leading organizations, as well as United States Federal Agencies.
servers Complete set of functionality to handle all data center processes from “dock to decomm” for the largest and most complex data centers – yet easy to be deployed for smaller data centers.
arch Unmatched architecture that ensures the solution is easily deployed yet provides a substantially lower total cost of ownership compared to any product on the market.
handshake Dedicated software company with US Federal Agency experience and a focus on ensuring the success of our customers.
shield The only DCIM vendor to have earned the Veracode VerAfied status, a certification by an independent entity for security standards that ranks Nlyte’s solutions with one of the highest levels of software assurance and security verification. The VerAfied status demonstrates Nlyte’s commitment to best security development practices to protect critical data center Information.


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Achieving Optimization & Consolidation

Nlyte’s Asset Lifecycle Management provides a comprehensive and real-time inventory of all assets in your data center. Combined with Capacity Planning, you will be able to evaluate current and historical usage and consumption patterns to yield important insight on where/when/how to re-allocate and re-align data center capacity. This moves you towards the DCOI’s Facilities Utilization goals of reducing gross floor area (GFA) and rack count by at least 80% by 2018.

Next, Nlyte Energy Optimizer allows you to monitor and track your energy consumption to meet the Energy Metering and PUE portions of DCOI metrics. Specifically, our PowerView feature provides you with enhanced power chain analysis to conduct “what-if” simulation at a whole new level and obtain fast, accurate and easy insight into power capacity and availability. This is an indispensable weapon in your arsenal to achieve the formidable challenge of 100% energy metering and PUE of less than 1.5 by 2018.

The 5 DCOI Optimization Metrics – all supported by Nlyte

  1. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)
  2. Energy Metering
  3. Virtualization
  4. Server Utilization & Automated Monitoring
  5. Facilities Utilization

The Nlyte DCOI Executive Dashboard

Nlyte Energy Optimizer provides customizable dashboards that are configurable to track DCOI mandates versus actual performance and indicate when the mandates will be achieved.

DCOI Executive Dashboard

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