Cost Savings & ROI

How Does Your Data Center ROI Stack Up?

A well-developed DCIM solution quantifies the cost associated with moving, adding or changing equipment on the data center floor, helping you reduce costs, justify buying a DCIM suite and ultimately realize ROI. Take a look at how PNC, TransUnion and other leading organizations deployed Nlyte to achieve cost, labor and time savings and ROIs.

Saving Time and Increasing Your Team’s Productivity

The Nlyte solution provides equipment modifications to optimize data centers and meet audit and compliance needs quickly and efficiently. Nlyte automates numerous data center operations and controls, so you are freed from mundane tasks to pursue what you do best.

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Get the Control that Reduces Your Costs

Nlyte solutions allow users to precisely manage data center changes, making it easier to control IT costs.

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Accelerated Payback and Capacity Planning Savings

By implementing operational best practices and adopting Nlyte workflows, the results pay for themselves. Nlyte allows users to quickly and easily visualize their data center’s available capacity.

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Stranded Server Savings and Asset Life Extension

Nlyte’s auto-allocation technology eliminates resource mismatching to identify and isolate stranded servers and equipment. Advanced workflow capabilities improve asset lifecycle management to continually manage and reduce IT costs.

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“With Nlyte, we not only freed up half a megawatt of power, but also extended the life of our data center from five years to 15 years. As a result, our CIO has been able to reallocate budgets from about 70% for operations and 30% for development to 40% for operations and 60% for building tools for the business.”

VP and GM of Data Center Operations
PNC Financial Services