data center virtualization

Data Center Virtualization Connectors

Simplify the management of physical and virtualized resources

It matters where your VMs are

Virtualization is driving higher and higher server utilization in today’s data centers and while computing capacity is being checked, rack power and cooling capacities are not – exposing your data center to needless shut down risk.

Data centers are already highly complex and difficult to manage and virtualization just adds a layer to this complexity.


Nlyte data center virtualization

“A goal of ours is to get as much usable information into the system as possible. Add to this the information on our virtual servers we derive from the VMware vCenter connector – it ties perfectly in with this goal as well.”

Sean Hendershot
Manager, Data Center Ops, IT Infrastructure Division, Canon USA

Features & Benefits

  • Single view across all physical and virtual servers and machines, including racks, rows and pods.
  • Automatic discovery and real-time monitoring of virtual machines.
  • Continuous monitoring of hypervisors to identify a range of Virtual Machine events updates Nlyte accordingly.
  • Up-to-date information during application relationship changes in the hypervisor synched.
  • Provides dashboards and reports on the relationships between both physical and virtual resources and the business groups within an organization.
  • Ability to connect Clusters and Hosts for each configured data center.