Conduct real-time monitoring and alarming of power and environmental data so you can get accurate readings of all energy and environmental conditions in your data center. Whether from a power strip, PDU, server level CPU or a sensor, you can get actionable information and triggered alarms connecting with the most popular protocols.

Data Collection and Alarming for Facilities and Environmentals

What good is having equipment if you can’t measure how it’s performing and if required, be automatically notified? Monitoring capabilities from Nlyte cover the spectrum of needs device-wise and data-wise, covering all the major protocols, plus they come with reporting.  And you can rest easy with Nlyte as we’re based on open APIs, providing the ability to integrate with the device of your choice, on top of the major vendors we already work with today including Intel, RF Code and Dell.

Go ahead and find the right level of Monitoring for your needs.

Standard Monitoring

Real-time power strip and PDU data collection, the Nlyte Integrator is an integration framework that enables the integration with a variety of infrastructure devices with the Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) suite.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Plug and play integrations for power, sensors and any physical infrastructure components
  • Multiple protocol support (SNMP, MODBUS)
  • Standard interface for web services integration
  • Faster development of new integrations
  • Wider support for monitoring data center assets
  • Supports “self-service” customer integrations
  • Avoids expensive custom integration development


Nlyte Integrator

Data sheet

Advanced Monitoring

Real-time Facilities & Environmentals via Industry-leading partner integrations


Intel Data Center Manager (DCM)

Infrastructure Optimization via temperature and power measurement and control


RF Code Environmentals

RF Code Environmental Metrics

Real-time temperature and humidity




Dell OpenManage Server Administrator

Infrastructure Optimization via temperature and power measurement and control



Alarms and Monitoring

For real-time data collection, facilities & environmental alarms, now IT and Facilities staff can better monitor, manage and quickly react to physical IT infrastructure managed by the Nlyte data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution.

Nlyte Alarms Benefits

  • Enable smart, real-time decision making with visibility into power utilization and environmental data
  • Accelerates reaction time to data center systems with impact analysis
  • Ability to track and monitor both Facilities and IT pertinent information
  • Improve identification of technical problems and failure patterns
  • Custom alarm creation gets the right alarm to the right individual or team based on their needs



Alarm Visualization

Alarm Management

Alarm Drag and Drop Configuration