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Whether you are a midsized organization looking for DCIM but without any capital outlay, a large enterprise on the road to sophisticated DCSM via existing DCIM, a colocation, hosting or managed cloud provider or another organization with massive amounts of scale and change seeking the world’s most proven hyperscale solution to meet ever-more-complex needs, Nlyte has you covered.

Nlyte Hyperscale

Nlyte Hyperscale On-Premise   Nlyte Hyperscale On-Demand

For large organizations that require a highly scalable solution that supports massive amounts of change, Nlyte offers Nlyte Hyperscale Editions.

Nlyte Hyperscale solutions provide a robust architecture and environment for firms that demand incredible scale. Nlyte Hyperscale Platinum and Enterprise Editions support the management of millions of assets and accommodate tens of thousands of changes a month. Nlyte Hyperscale solutions can scale as fast as your needs do.



Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring

N-SUM On-Premise   N-Sum On-Demand

Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring extends real-time monitoring throughout the data center from the facilities layers and across the IT stack, providing the first end-to-end real-time utilization view.

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