Nlyte Energy Optimizer

Enterprises need up-to-the-minute information on all their critical power management systems. Nlyte Energy Optimizer helps get the most from a user’s data center through real-time monitoring, alarming, trending and power systems analysis of both IT and facilities infrastructure. With Nlyte, users have a true picture of their power, space and cooling capacity.

With NEO (Nlyte Energy Optimizer) you can:

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Improve Capacity Utilization
  • Reduce Energy Spending
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Collaboration

Our data center infrastructure efficiency solution brings the transparency needed to tightly integrate and enhance automation of other key IT functions, such as incident management and performance management. In essence, we bridge your IT and facilities with a single pane of truth.


  • Proactively anticipate and analyze at-risk scenarios to steer clear of failures
  • Quickly identify unused and under-used power infrastructure to reduce your costs
  • Avert bottlenecks with global visibility and metrics into worldwide operations


  • Produce actionable dashboards and alerts to yield actionable insight
  • Provide “What If?” simulations and resiliency analysis to further your business intelligence
  • Track real-time data and feed real-time analytics into Big Data and 3rd party applications


  • Maximize your uptime, capacity and assets via simulated failures (so you can plan ahead)
  • Maximize your agility to act with up-to-the minute updates and alerts


An interactive, dynamic power chain analysis tool which enables simulated power chain failures and insight into power capacity and availability.



This API enables third-party applications to access real-time temperature, power and other monitored data as soon as it’s available.



An industry standard based data warehouse which enables users to easily extract and manipulate large amounts of data.