Nlyte Deployment Services

Nlyte Deployment Services are fast, repeatable and well-planned to get you going swiftly

Clients who purchase Nlyte Software realize return on investment the faster they get up and running, and Nlyte Deployment Services help speed the process. Our deployment methodology has been honed over numerous DCIM deployments spanning a complete spectrum of size, configuration and complexity.

Data Center Deployment


Nlyte’s methodology is structured to gain a comprehensive view of the environment by gathering relevant information and understanding expectations at the very beginning of the deployment process.  Assignment of experts, project managers, and the development of an agreed upon communication plan are fundamental activities which support the entire project lifecycle.


The Plan phase incorporates Nlyte’s extensive experience in DCIM deployments and incorporates a vast collection of best practices, processes, and templates to develop the appropriate solution to successfully achieve objectives and meet expectations. Risk Mitigation, Quality Management, Change Management, Resource Management and Information Collection & Repository details are completely fleshed out in this phase.  The Project Plan is expanded to include WBS (work breakdown structure) based on the scope of the finalized requirements.


The success of this phase is a direct result of a detailed Plan.  The software is loaded in both development and production environments, validation conducted, and preparations are made for moving the solution into full production. The communications in this phase include Status Reports, Deliverable Reviews, and Customer Acceptance.

Roll Out

Customer Acceptance, Training, and officially moving the solution into production mark the conclusion of the deployment.  Administrative activities in this phase include the implementation of support processes (Day 1 Support), Closeout Meetings, Consolidation and Delivery of project documents, and release of project personnel.