branch circuit

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Enable macro level monitoring and tracking of energy usage

NEO (Nlyte Energy Optimizer) provides real-time branch circuit monitoring and circuit alarming, covering both facilities and IT systems in real time. We track total load vs. available capacity for each cabinet, as well as teaming or pairing redundant electrical components, from the branch circuit level all the way up to the utility meter.

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Key Benefits:

  • Enable macro level monitoring and tracking of energy usage by measuring real-time circuit breaker utilization
  • Access sophisticated algorithms to calculate specific system utilization metrics, such as power usage effectiveness (PUE)
  • Acquire unique “teaming” capabilities for real-time loads across the A&B sides of electrical equation feeding floor gear
  • Ensure redundancy while removing the built-in overhead often added to loads to minimize failure
  • Improve data center energy efficiency and capacity planning
  • Make it easy to calculate carbon emissions
  • Ease phase and load balancing
  • Provide building operators up to date panel schedules eliminating the guess work in the data center