capacity planning

Capacity Planning

Forecast and predict the future state of your data center’s physical capacity based on “what if” models

In years past, data center managers were measured on response time, system availability and uptime. This limited view resulted in significant over-building and over-provisioning of everything in the data center including space, power, cooling, compute, storage and connectivity. Unfortunately, yesterday’s solutions are now today’s problems, and with the the economics associated with each specific type of capacity becoming the core metric. With this capacity planning has become the primary concern for data center managers across the globe.

The Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) suite helps companies make better and more informed decisions about data center performance and Nlyte Predict provides the steps to make intelligent capacity planning decisions related to the underlying physical infrastructure. With Nlyte, you can quickly and easily visualize your data center’s available capacity for space, cooling, power, network connections, storage and virtualization.

Capacity Planning moves beyond simple visualization to identify opportunities for capacity right-sizing. The Nlyte solution uses sophisticated analytics to accurately forecast capacity based on historical trends and planned events. By doing so, you’ll gain a solid understanding of maximum capacity based upon your current practices and be able to look at the tangible impacts of potential new projects. Once you have the ability to predict the future, you can take the necessary steps to optimize your current capacity.

“We used to feel we were running out of space in the data center. But running Nlyte over the past two years, we now know where all our hardware is, down to the cabling detail. We are able to intelligently place hardware to avoid hotspots. With Nlyte, we have now extended the life of our data center by at least five years.”

Christian Kaess
Senior Hardware Planner, Amadeus Data Processing GmbH