Energy Optimization

Let Nlyte Mitigate, Measure and Maximize Your Energy Optimization

Whether you are in the private or Federal sectors, optimizing energy usage for data centers has become a must-have.  With diminishing budgets everywhere, energy bills are often the first to get scrutinized. Through PowerView™, LiveView™ and DataView™, the Nlyte Energy Optimizer has all your energy metrics covered.


Power Failure Simulation & Prevention

Data Center managers need to know the potential impact of a failed device on the rest of the power chain. Our power chain analysis helps you selectively “fail” one or more devices to identify weaknesses for contingency planning. You can now ensure maximum uptime by proactively analyzing the results of potential failures.


Energy Capacity Planning

Nlyte Energy Optimizer provides real-time information on capacity and usage in virtually any facilities or IT device in the data center. This enables you to identify consolidation opportunities to potentially delay build-out of new capacity.


Energy Optimization & Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is the immediate and ongoing result from energy optimization, which is easily and seamlessly achieved through PowerView™ and other pre-built energy-specific connectors to Cisco, Intel, among others.


Branch Circuit Monitoring

Nlyte Energy Optimizer provides real-time branch circuit monitoring and circuit alarming, covering both facilities and IT systems in real time. We track total load vs. available capacity for each cabinet, as well as teaming or pairing redundant electrical components, from the branch circuit level all the way up to the utility meter.


Virtual PDU

We enable software to eliminate the need for expensive intelligent PDUs at a fraction of the price.


Improve Labor Savings

With Nlyte Energy Optimizer and Nlyte Workflow Engine to better track your energy consumption patterns and align human resources accordingly, you can automate tasks better and faster than ever. This frees your key personnel from mundane monitoring tasks to focus on higher-value data center and business initiatives.


Bi-Direction Integration with ITSM

Pre-built connectors to leading ITSM providers such as BMC, ServiceNow, and HPE enable you to receive full benefits of a well-integrated modern DCIM/DSCM suite. This is the most effective and efficient way to close the gap between your IT and facilities management.