Operational Efficiency

Reducing your costs to deliver IT services by leveraging your ITSM investments

While many people have traditionally focused on reducing the acquisition costs associated with technology used throughout the data center as the most significant means to manage overall IT costs, there is a huge untapped opportunity to manage long-term costs by embracing tested and proven operational best practices. By carefully designing the processes to commission and decommission gear, providing detailed service work-orders, and leveraging the multitude of sources of knowledge about each of the components found in the data center, the costs for IT services will be significantly reduced.

Implementing operation best practices and the workflows that result are your key to managing IT costs.

But do you have the tools to truly be as efficient as you can?

  • Do you have a detailed understanding of the topology of your data center and can you produce this type of documentation to support audit and compliance efforts?
  • Do you have a well thought out methodology for provisioning and decommissioning equipment that matches the current needs of your business?
  • Do you have the ability to execute change orders with a high degree of confidence that the resulting structure will meet your needs?
  • Are you able to plan for change and consider the impacts of various new projects?

Nlyte’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) suite was designed to support your operation efficiency goals and reduce the number of ad-hoc processes at play in your data center. Data centers are complex systems which need to be managed methodically and with precision. Every device, rack and cable must be understood, and the process to bring these into production and remove them from production must be planned.

Change is inevitable, and your ability to precisely manage that change in the data center will have huge impact on your ability to control your IT costs and meet the rapidly changing needs of IT.

“Since Nlyte is our focal point regarding our data centers, it has helped us use our new data centers to improve asset delivery, reduce energy consumption, etc.”

Infrastructure Manager
Large Enterprise Banking Company