Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring

Nlyte optimizes your system utilization with real-time IT system and asset monitoring and reporting

Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring is a highly scalable monitoring solution that enables customers to understand system utilization levels across the enterprise as a whole and down to specific assets, while supporting DCOI Server Utilization tracking.

Ultimately, Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring empowers all infrastructure managers to leverage a comprehensive set of data to better eliminate waste, increase uptime, and ultimately meet or exceed their SLA objectives.

Key Benefits:

  • Constantly monitors system utilization at the global, location and room levels to provide complete oversight
  • Identifies specific underutilized servers and “Ghost Servers” to raise utilization rate
  • Functions in conjunction with Nlyte Asset Optimizer to support reaching DCOI Server Utilization objectives.

Key Features:

  • Provides dashboard views of server utilization at the global, location and room levels based on average CPU Utilization
  • Provides utilization and connection reports
  • CPU utilization and connection reports easily identify specific servers that are utilized, non-utilized and unreachable by Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring
  • Navigates directly to asset and host cabinet pages in Nlyte Asset Optimizer Edition
  • Provides needed data to Nlyte Asset Optimizer Edition to support DCOI Server Utilization dashboards