Carrier Announces Agreement to Acquire Nlyte Software

Carrier Corporation recently announced that they have entered an agreement to acquire Nlyte Software.  This is not only a great milestone for Nlyte and our customers, but it signals a new expansion period for our organization.   

Many of our competitors, both large and small, will no doubt come out and pontificate that this is the end of Nlyte.  The truth is the opposite – this is the key that opens the door for greater expansion for Nlyte.  Expanding the value in the products and services we can provide customers. Expanding awareness of Nlyte in the market.  Expanding our market presence worldwide.

As the first and leading DCIM provider, Nlyte Software has continually grown throughout its entire history, but its growth has always been constrained by the size of the organization and financial constraints of a software startup – not by its ambition.  Now with our acquisition by Carrier Corporation, Nlyte has the backing of the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent buildings and cold chain solutions.   This will enable us to do things we could never do before.  Provide customers more solutions and services across the data center.  Enter markets we did not have direct presence in.  Gain access to new partners who have close relationships with customers.

To quote Carrier from their press release, “Nlyte's software and services, along with the expertise of its team, will enable Carrier to further develop our data center capabilities and bring enhanced services and solutions to Carrier's broad, global customer base.”

The timing of this acquisition tracks significant trends in the data center market. Data centers have never been more strategic, but they’ve never faced greater scrutiny around efficiency, availability and flexibility. Carrier and Nlyte uniquely can address these requirements, by integrating all the layers in the data center, by leveraging each companies’ market leading capabilities, by providing a global footprint, by the ability to significantly invest in innovation.

Carrier is investing for the future.  This acquisition is the next phase in the growth of Nlyte Software and we are very excited by all the possibilities of additional products and services we can provide and new customers we can assist.   For our competitors who portend gloom and doom for Nlyte we want to say “please keep thinking that….. the best of Nlyte is yet to come”.

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