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Managing the Technology Asset Chaos

As technology evolves some things never change. The days of thinking "what happens if I do this”, such as the consequences of deploying or using technology, are long gone. Today, after client/server and cloud trends,... Read More
Managing Technology Assets

DCIM vs The Spreadsheet: The Pros and Cons

Specialization is a great by-product of a healthy economy. Unlike our ancestors, we no longer raise our own sheep for wool, make our own clothes and sometimes we don’t even clean our own house. We... Read More

Automate Your Software Asset Management

Do you have visibility into all the software installed or in use in your organization? Let’s face it, managing software is more like herding goats – that’s why most organizations dread it, though hiding from... Read More
Automate Your Software Asset Management

The Future of Infrastructure Management Strategy - Hybrid

In a recent Data Center Knowledge article, Dropbox, the cloud storage and collaboration platform provider, revealed the cost savings realized by pulling a large percentage of its data out of AWS’s cloud services.  “Over two years, it... Read More
Moving to a Hybrid Environment