What is DCEP Certification?

What is DCEP Certification?

The answer is, “Data Center Energy Practitioner Certification.”

DCEP Certification is a program developed through a cooperative effort between the data center industry and the Department of Energy (DOE) aimed at accelerating energy savings in data center environments. The DCEP certification curriculum reinforces best practices and certifies practitioners with the knowledge, training and skills needed to perform accurate energy assessments and identify energy efficiency opportunities in data centers. A trained DCEP can transfer knowledge to the data center staff, empowering them to continue to improve data center optimization.

Who Needs the Certification?

Among many other areas, DCEPs will be in high demand for deploying the US Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). DCOI is the US government mandate that requires federal data centers to become more energy efficient. Federal data center operators are required to develop and report on data center strategies to transition to more efficient infrastructure, with the ultimate goals of data center optimization, costs savings and data center consolidation and closure.

To achieve these savings, the DCOI requires the data centers to utilize a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) System and all tiered data centers to have at least one certified DCEP on board to oversee the optimization and manage data center energy performance.

In 2016, as a leader in data center optimization solutions, Nlyte introduced the first DCOI module for U.S. Government IT and data center facility managers to help them conform to these mandates from the U.S. Federal Office of Management and Budget.

What do DCEP Certified People Do?

Nlyte’s DCIM software solution is an ideal tool to help DCEP certified professionals monitor, track and improve the energy efficiency in data centers in a streamlined, single pane-of-glass solution.

If you want to understand more about the capabilities of DCIM feel free to download this free ebook:  DCIM for Dummies

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