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Nlyte Software

Nlyte Software enables teams to improve how they manage their application workload infrastructure across their entire organization – from the desktop to data center, from colocation to edge to IoT devices.

Using Nlyte’s monitoring, management, workflow and analytics capabilities, organizations can automate how they manage their resources in order to reduce costs, improve uptime and ensure compliance with organizational policies.


Easy to do Business With

  • Price and consumption flexibility
  • From 50 to 10,000 racks
  • Virtually every Industry Vertical
  • It is all we do

Born from Experience

  • Emerging from data center infrastructure management
  • Delivering ten generations of product
  • Global Technology Partners

Business Needs Addressed

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Commercial and Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Efficiency and Optimization

Why Nlyte should be your DCIM Vendor

Gone are the days when Excel and Visio along with an army of facilities and IT personnel ran the data center. Nlyte Software is built for today’s Hybrid Compute environment. We bring sophisticated Workflow automation with Nlyte Asset Optimizer; predictive analytics and AI with Nlyte Machine Learning; detailed discovery and monitoring of all IT assets with Nlyte Discovery and Nlyte System Utilization Monitor; and real-time power chain and cooling management with Nlyte Energy Optimizer.

Secure • Reliable • Intelligent • Automated • Efficient

Nlyte Software was formed in 2004 by data center managers driven to find a better way to manage the complexity of data center resources, assets, and staff in order to reduce costs and mitigate risk. Over 14 years later, Nlyte Software is delivering our 10th generation of products to hundreds of customers worldwide. With a 98% customer retention rate, we pride ourselves on being laser-focused on our clients, ensuring they derive maximum business value from our solution. Nlyte was the first to deliver the industry’s benchmark for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) that helps organizations around the world manage their compute infrastructure including data centers, colocation, managed service, edge, and IoT. Nlyte’s software solutions go beyond just managing infrastructure to also empower infrastructure personnel to perform their job functions more efficiently – all while synchronizing information and activities to other systems that depend on accurate physical infrastructure information (e.g. BMS, ITSM systems).