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What Is Data Center Infrastructure Management?

DCIM is the mainstream practice of Data Center Management driven by enterprise class software. The practice adheres closely to ITIL standards and is intended to enable data center operators the ability to efficiently run data center operations, improving infrastructure planning and design.

DCIM software automates labor-intensive activities such as workflow management, provides audit trails, and improves visibility across IT, BMS, and business systems maximizing data center usage. It replaces historical management tools like Excel, Visio, and home-grown databases with enterprise class architecture, real-time monitoring, and proactive alarms.

Justifying the Cost of DCIM

People – Improve productivity by automating labor intensive activities and shared workflow to avoid conflict and duplication of efforts

Networking – Understand interconnectivity between physical assets and network cabling to virtual environments and their physical hosts

Processes – Centralize and test processes to ensure consistent adherence and test what-if scenarios

Requirements – Collect and track stakeholder requirements to ensure SLAs meet end-user demands

Policies – Automated workflow and centralized containment of processes and requirements reduces human error and provides traceability for out of compliance conditions

Resources – Improve efficiencies by better understanding asset, space, and power usage. Ensure facilities, IT Ops, and data center personnel are acting together

Asset Lifecycle Management – Increase utilization and performance by managing assets from the time the land on the receiving doc, throughout their life in production, all the way through decommissioning

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