Higher Education

Solutions to Meet Higher Demands and Competitive Differentiation

Insuring student success and building an institution that differentiates itself from others is paramount in the leadership objectives for any Higher Ed establishment. Optimizing the technology driving student experience, research, and business operations introduces new complexity requiring an increase in coordinated communication across broader sets of users and customers. Nlyte provides software solutions to optimize the IT infrastructure, increase visibility and communication amongst teams and departments, simplify modernizing and evolving technology and addressing user needs.

Nlyte's Education Customers

Addressing Higher Education Needs


Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Nlyte DCIM is a solution that helps manage the complex infrastructure of the institution’s hybrid and decentralized compute environment. Nlyte DCIM optimizes energy and space usage, automates workflow amongst teams, and is a single source of truth for other BMS, ITSM, and BI systems. It will aid in quickly responding to service requests, reduce staff overhead, and most importantly lower overall spending across facilities and IT.

Nlyte Machine Learning

Nlyte Machine Learning provides predictive analytics, energy and work optimization data. It delivers predictive maintenance information to ensure students are working in an optimal learning environment, critical research is not disrupted, and health and business systems stay on line.

Nlyte Technology Asset Management (TAM)

Nlyte TAM identifies all technology devices across the institution connected to the network. TAM ensures all hardware and software assets are identified and accounted for. It ensures the integrity of the institution by identifying that software is properly installed and licensed. It provides delta reporting to notify personnel of approved changes and unapproved or out-of-compliance additions.