Nlyte Introduces Industry-First Solution for Workload Asset Management

New Solution Enables Organizations To Gain Unprecedented Insight Into Critical Infrastructure Supporting Application Workloads

SAN MATEO, CA – Dec 4, 2018 –  Nlyte Software, the leading software provider for managing computing infrastructure, announced today the availability of Nlyte Workload Asset Management.  The next-generation solution enables organizations to optimize the placement of application workloads through intelligent insight and comprehensive management of underlying infrastructure assets. Using Nlyte Workload Asset Management’s holistic approach, organizations are now able to leverage a fully intelligent decision-making system that helps improve workload performance, resiliency, continuity, and cost-effectiveness.

Nlyte Workload Asset Management combines data center infrastructure management (DCIM), Technology Asset Management (TAM) and machine learning systems to provide greater insight into critical infrastructure - from facilities to assets and from virtual machines to application containers.  Using this new approach, organizations can optimize their IT infrastructure in harmony with applications’ needs in order to increase uptime while reducing operational costs.

“Workload Asset Management closely aligns the IT and business needs of applications to the physical assets supporting those workloads in order to deliver an optimal environment at the lowest possible cost,” said Enzo Greco, Chief Strategy Officer, Nlyte.  “Nlyte’s Workload Asset Management capabilities give an organization a comprehensive view of workloads to assure the necessary critical infrastructure quality is available. This holistic insight can identify whether a dense set of workloads create a potential single point of failure, a most important consideration in today’s rich computing fabric.”

The management of workloads and related critical infrastructure has been predominantly reactive.  Situations such as application movement occurred after a failure; thermal systems operated based on changes in temperature and vulnerabilities addressed after a security breach are all too common. With Workload Asset Management an enterprise company can capture rich data inputs and use cognitive analytics via Nlyte Machine Learning, to avoid this reactive process by fundamentally shifting the computing infrastructure management to become more proactive.

The first supporting product to be released under the  Nlyte Workload Asset Management family is Nlyte Insight for Nutanix - a purpose-built extension for use by Nutanix Prism customers.  The new offering enables organizations with Nutanix Prism deployments to gain a complete understanding of their critical infrastructure and how it impacts the workloads being managed by Nutanix.

“Our release of Nlyte Insight for Nutanix is the first instantiation of Workload Asset Management and illustrates the importance of having a manager-of-managers across workload containers that are increasingly being deployed by enterprises,” said Rob Neave, Nlyte CTO and VP of Product Management.  “In the near future, we will expand these capabilities to incorporate a wide set of application containers managed by varying vendors across a heterogeneous set of infrastructure assets.  Workload Asset Management is the solution that will allow IT and infrastructure teams to manage this complexity based on the needs of each application.”

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