Nlyte Software Releases Updated “DCOI For Dummies” for New DCOI Memorandum

DCIM Software IPM Company Assists with Compliance to M-19-19 Mandate Data Center Optimization Initiative

Nlyte Software, a leading provider of hybrid digital infrastructure management (HDIM) software solutions, released DCOI For Dummies: an updated eBook for data center management companies to understand how to comply with the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITAR) and Memorandum M-19-16.

The need for a revised resource and practical software solutions arose from the updated mandate. Originally established in 2016, the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memorandum M-16-19 put forward the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). However, in June 2019, Memorandum M-19-19 updated its original goals.

This update allowed the initiative to be developed from learning points over the previous three years in order to save vast monetary sums spent on data centers. According to the IT Dashboard, in some cases, the savings neared $2 billion dollars.

M-19-19 is a part of the larger governmental Cloud Smart initiative which is integral, along with the Application Rationalization executive order, in the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act.

This impacts DCIM companies throughout the federal government as they must comply with mandates described in the DCOI. One such need is to use DCIM software in agency data centers.

Nlyte Software had already begun to help such companies with M-16-19 in 2016 and now are doing so again through the Updated DCMI For Dummies resource providing practical solutions. Andrew Ryan, Nlyte Vice President of Federal, Mid-Atlantic, and Strategic Accounts, shares:

With over 35 US Federal Agencies using Nlyte as their DCIM vendor, Nlyte was the first vendor to help these organizations understand and mange compliance requirements with the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). With the M-19-19 updates, we are pleased to provide the revision of this book to help our customers understand and meet the new mandate. The Nlyte solution includes Executive Dashboards specifically configured to provide information that will make it easier for our customers to track all the DCOI mandates and compare them against the actual state of the data center in a single pane of glass. Nlyte was the first provider to implement these dashboards for the 2016 DCOI mandate and the first to provide updated dashboards for the 2020 DCOI.

The updated DCOI For Dummies book takes those seeking hybrid IT strategy through long-term infrastructure optimization by explaining the updated DCOI mandate and its requirement for a DCIM solution.

The new edition of the DCOI For Dummies ebook consists of 5 chapters:
1. The current state of the DCOI and its achievements
2. The three pillars of agency data centers: the DCOI, Cloud Smart, and Application Rationalization
3. What the DCOI is looking for in a data center and what data center management needs to do to comply with the requirements the DCOI expounds
4. What DCIM software is, how it helps agencies address the requirements of the DCOI, and how to extend its functionality to Cloud Smart and Application Rationalization
5. Important questions to ask when evaluating the offerings of DCIM vendors that want to assist in meeting DCOI goals

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