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Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO)

Data Center Capacity Planning Tool

The Scalable and All-Knowing Infrastructure Power Management System

Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO) provides management and tracking of the data center power chain. It is highly scalable, protocol based, and hardware agnostic. NEO improves energy consumption, reduces risk in the power chain, and validates remote site performance.

Risk Mitigation
Ensure resilience and reduce downtime with an interactive, dynamic power chain analysis tool. Simulate power chain failures and gain insight into power capacity and availability.

Energy and Cost Optimization
Dynamic real-time heat maps and comprehensive capacity utilization tools manage costs today and have the information needed to plan and build for the future.

All the information across the global compute infrastructure is available for analysis and reporting. Provides for increased collaboration across multiple teams with a rich set of historical data.

Financial Accountability
A rich data repository is available to ITSM and other BI applications to ensure accurate financial reporting within the IT organization and across business units and customers.

Systems Integration
Real-time power, temperature and other monitored data is shared across multiple teams and applications. Improves operational efficiency through pre-built connectors to all major vendors, and customizations are available through extensive API’s.

 *Nlyte Energy Optimizer

ROI calculator

In just a few minutes you can see an estimate of the cost savings in your data center operations by using an effective DCIM solution like our Nlyte Energy Optimizer.

Common Use Cases for Energy Optimizer

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Learn how to ensure IT service continuity, driving real-time analytics into your ITSM Ecosystems.

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Learn about the seven main use cases for Nlyte Energy Optimizer, including power failure simulation, energy capacity planning, branch circuit monitoring and cost reduction.

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Case Study

Nlyte Energy Optimizer infrastructure software helps a US government agency consolidate an aging, nearing-capacity data center into a modern, energy efficient facility.

NEO Solutions

Nlyte Energy Optimizer is a key component in several ready-made solutions that deliver efficiency and transparency across your entire physical compute infrastructure.

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Nlyte Platinum Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution

A full end to end, doc to decom solution for the entire physical compute infrastructure including Data Center, colocations, and edge computing.

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Nlyte Data Center Service Management (DCSM)

Unify ITIL process management, ITSM systems, and DCIM together for a unified workflow process improving automation, efficiency of disaggregated teams, and lowering operational costs across the physical compute infrastructure.

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Nlyte Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) on Demand Solution

Delivers FITARA compliant monitoring and reporting from departmental to Office of Management and Budget.

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Nlyte Data Center Colocation Software

Provides collocutors the ability to provide reporting and SLA assurance to tenants on power, space, and capacity.

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Nlyte Edge

Unify facilities and IT management into a single pane of glass from remote, edge computing. It provides important information to security teams in a centralized view and eliminates the cost of localized management products.

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