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Nlyte System Utilization Monitor

Remove your fear of Zombies and Ghosts – Analyze, Maximize

Nlyte System Utilization Monitor (NSUM) extends real-time monitoring throughout the data center from the facilities layers and across the IT stack, providing end-to-end real-time utilization views. NSUM enables customers to understand system utilization levels across the entire organization as a whole and down to specific assets. It empowers infrastructure managers to leverage a comprehensive set of data to eliminate waste, increase uptime, and meet SLA objectives.

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  • Constantly monitors system utilization at the global, location and room levels to provide complete oversight
  • Identifies specific underutilized servers and “Ghost Servers” to raise utilization rate
  • Functions in conjunction with Nlyte Asset Optimizer to support reaching DCOI Server Utilization objectives

*Nlyte System Utilization Monitor

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