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Software Asset Management

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Our Software Asset Management software gathers the most comprehensive software asset baseline improving accuracy and coverage.  Providing cross platform support, ensuring accurate data from data center to desktop. This software asset management software is a software publisher, hardware, and management protocol agnostic to provide the most extensive coverage of assets on the network.

How Nlyte’s Software Asset Management Software Helps You

Software License Compliance and Control

As an Asset Manager in Finance, Corporate Compliance, or IT Operations, responding to a software audit from a vendor (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft, SAP) or an internal or external compliance request, the solution helps you gain clarity on assets and validate users, licenses, and entitlements.

Procurement Perks – Reduce Costs

Software asset management software gives Procurement and business units insight on where their organization is overspending on unused software assets. This provides the opportunity to renegotiate licensing agreements or reallocate entitlements. Additionally you can identify where you have a shortage of licenses entitlements avoiding auditing and penalty expenses.

Accurate Life Cycle Management

Enables your business units and service desks to make operational decisions based on more accurate application information such as versions and installation data. This using software asset management software increases productivity by ensuring the latest application and patches are deployed, augmenting applications like Microsoft SCCM.

Security Managers and Risk Assessment

Security managers and Compliance officers need the ability to clearly see what is installed, where it is installed, validate its patch history, and know who has access. Software asset management provides a single source of truth, ongoing monitoring for changes, and the ability to highlight assets and access that is out of policy compliance.

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Software Asset Manager is part of Nlyte’s Technology Asset Management Solution and is aimed at helping organizations identify, track, and secure all software assets.

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Product Overview

Why is a next generation approach to SAM important for you NOW?

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Nlyte’s SAM helps validate actual software needs, locate and identify installation details, simplifies procurement and finance reconciliation of entitlements, and provides risk management version verification.

Software Asset Management Use Cases

Software Asset Management Solutions

Technology Asset Management (TAM/ITAM)

Extending IT Asset Management to include IoT devices such as CCTV, medical equipment, and industrial equipment. Track and manage all things connected to the network. Discover and identify detailed information of devices, their configuration, and usage.

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Asset Integrity Monitoring (AIM)

Ensure the integrity of physical assets by providing a baseline of all assets, power systems and processes in your data center or colocation facilities. It improves management and strengthens the chain-of-custody of all data center assets from procurement through decommissioning.

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Nlyte Data Center Service Management (DCSM)

Unify ITIL process management, ITSM systems, and DCIM together for a unified workflow process improving automation, efficiency of disaggregated teams, and lowering operational costs across the entire physical compute infrastructure.

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