Rack Power Management

Nlyte Software's Rack Power Management Solution

Elevate Your Data Center Efficiency and Reliability

In today's rapidly evolving data center environments, managing an array of rack-mounted Power Distribution Units (RPDUs) from multiple manufacturers presents a significant challenge. Nlyte Software's Rack Power Management Solution is designed to tackle this complexity head-on, providing a robust, vendor-agnostic platform for seamless RPDU integration and management. Experience unprecedented control and efficiency in your data center operations with our comprehensive solution.

Elevate your data center's power management to new heights with Nlyte Software's Rack Power Management Solution—where efficiency, reliability, and security converge.

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Vendor-Agnostic Centralized Control

Our platform offers centralized control over RPDUs from many manufacturers [APC, Legrand, ServerTech, etc.], ensuring compatibility and streamlined management. This vendor-neutral approach empowers data centers to integrate devices without concern for make or model, fostering a truly unified management experience.

Key Features

  • Flexible Workflow Engine: Tailor management practices to suit your needs, whether by location, vendor, or management type.
  • Bulk Management: Simplify your operations with the ability to configure and manage power strips in bulk, saving time and reducing potential errors.
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Granular Control

Nlyte's solution provides detailed control over each RPDU, allowing for customization of names, locations, outlets, and IP addresses while maintaining consistent DHCP and network settings, SMTP configurations, and time zone settings across devices. This granular control extends to firmware, ensuring uniform updates and enhancing reliability across your facility.

Configuration Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Our solution offers in-depth monitoring capabilities to ensure a more reliable power supply.
  • Reduced Downtime Risk: Minimize the risk of equipment failure and operational disruptions with our advanced configuration tools.

Key Features for Rack Power Management

Automated Access Provisioning
Streamlined Operations with Flexible Workflow Engine
Tailored Configuration Capabilities
Enhanced Reliability
Risk Mitigation with Firmware Updates
Ideal For

Integration and adaptability are at the core of our solution. Nlyte seamlessly integrates RPDUs from various manufacturers, eliminating compatibility issues and supporting your data center operations' continuous evolution and scaling.

The solution boasts a unified management interface, bringing all RPDUs into a single, streamlined operation panel. This reduces the complexity and significantly cuts costs by eliminating the need for multiple management tools.

Each RPDU can be uniquely configured – from naming and location to outlet and IP addresses. Yet, the solution ensures consistency across RPDUs regarding DHCP and network settings, SMTP configuration, and time zone settings. Consistent firmware upgrades across the facility's RPDUs guarantee uniformity and reliability.

With Nlyte, you can count on enhanced data center reliability through regular security patch updates and performance improvements. These updates secure your infrastructure and boost overall management efficiency, system performance, and security.

Our solution automates firmware update management, providing individual and group provisioning options. This approach streamlines access management for support teams and individual requests, bolstering operational efficiency and physical security.

  • Seamless Integration: Manage a diverse RPDU environment with ease.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce management time and errors.
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminate the need for multiple management tools.
  • Increased Reliability: Ensure a stable and reliable power supply.
  • Security Enhancement: Stay updated with the latest security measures.
  • Scalability: Support your data center's growth without limitations on RPDU brands.
  • Medium to large data centers with diverse RPDU systems.
  • Facilities that prioritize streamlined RPDU management.
  • Environments that demand high security and reliability in power distribution.

See It in Action

Experience the power of Nlyte's Rack Power Management Solution and discover how it can transform your data center operations. Watch our solution in action on YouTube and explore further details on our datasheet.