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Dock to Decomm – Data Center to Edge

No more unknown asset statuses nor locations.
Your organization has physical infrastructure assets not just in your data center, but also in your warehouse, in goods receiving, in remote and edge locations, and everywhere in between. That’s why you need data center infrastructure management (DCIM) “in the palm of your hand” with Nlyte Audit or Nlyte Receiving – to capture accurate asset information at the location of change. And when you aren’t in front of an asset, the Nlyte Connector for RF Code™ Asset Location provides real-time asset location, while Nlyte Command Center helps manage remote and dark sites.

Nlyte Audit

Nlyte Audit was built with insights derived from thousands of man-hours of auditing experience. It offers a user-friendly experience for the portable auditing of cabinets, IT devices, network and power connections. Nlyte Audit greatly reduces the time to perform manual mandated audits as well as to install equipment. It captures changes improving data accuracy and reliability at the time and location of audit/change itself. It uses a combination of a handheld barcode scanner in conjunction with a tablet, and allows a user to scan an asset tag, confirm its information or add it to the Nlyte Content Database in real-time or offline sync.

Nlyte Receiving

Nlyte Receiving works seamlessly with both the Nlyte Asset Optimizer and Nlyte Physical Inventory module for the management of goods receiving at the loading bay with several key features:

  • Mobile interface
  • Vendor agnostic barcode scanning support
  • The ability to scan, search and accept delivery of hundreds of assets at a time
  • The rapid creation and grouping of assets

Nlyte Connector for RF Code Asset Manager

The Nlyte Connector for RF Code Asset Manager enables the flow of asset information between the RF Code Asset Manager and the Nlyte DCIM solution. The Nlyte Connector enables Nlyte Asset Manager to manage the definition of assets present on the data center floor and shares this information with the RF Code Asset Manager. This means that all location definitions, cabinet definitions and assets are created and managed in the Nlyte system which is then synchronized with the RF Code system. Conversely, the RF Code Asset Manager notifies the Nlyte system with each physical device location change to guarantee that device movements are accurately and quickly reflected in the Nlyte DCIM system.

Nlyte Command Center

Nlyte Command Center enables operators to control Facility and IT devices locally or remotely within a dark site in synergy with Nlyte Energy Optimizer as it visualizes, manages and reports on the data center infrastructure across and outside the extended enterprise, obviating costly on-site human presence. It is one of the critical components of the Nlyte Edge Solution.

Benefits of implementing Nlyte Command Center include:

  • Cost Savings from enhanced operational effectiveness
  • Increased productivity by converging monitoring and control into one view
  • Expedited execution of business decisions without the need to access the BMS
  • Improved site resiliency

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