What Is Asset Integrity Monitoring (AIM)?

A perspective of а long row of servers encased in chrome and glass cabinets. The servers are identical and predominantly chrome metal with multicolored lights.

Many people ask, “What is Asset Integrity Monitoring (AIM)?” The answer: Asset Integrity Monitoring is ensuring the physical integrity of...

Posted 02.20.18 in Data Center Efficiencies by Mike Schmitt

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NYT Article: More digital media users mean more data centers (which affects the planet)

This past week an article was published by the New York Times which discussed the impacts of data centers upon the planet....

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Your future will include the Cloud – and DCIM will be there to help!

Funny how much confusion there is with Cloud technology today. There are so many different points of reference for Cloud...

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Amazon Cloud Outages – How DCIM Can Help

In light of the Amazon Cloud outages last month, one instantly has to think about what Amazon, or really any...


Provide Better Service with DCIM for Service Providers

Your customers are facing rising internal and external demands for IT services. When an existing data center can no longer...

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Get Your Ticket to a Better Data Center With DCIM

Today, we announced the successes Ticketmaster, a leader in online global ticketing service, has achieved with nlyte Software’s DCIM solution throughout...

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Vendorwag in the Valley at nlyte Software HQ

Last week, Mike Laverick came to the Silicon Valley to present at the VM UserGroup show. During his stay, he...

Avoiding DCIM Chaos and IT Paralysis

The world of DCIM has become crowded over the past several years. While the “DCIM” moniker was originally intended to...

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Navigating the DCIM waters: What every data center professional needs to know

Spend the morning with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) category experts and get the actionable information you’ll need to understand: ...