Streamlining IT Service Management with the Nlyte Software's ServiceNow® Connector

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IT service management, businesses are continually seeking ways to streamline operations, reduce operational costs, and foster robust channel partnerships. ServiceNow® stands out as a beacon in this quest, transforming how enterprises operate by replacing traditional, unstructured work patterns with intelligent, automated workflows. This enhances efficiency and fosters a more connected, smarter enterprise ecosystem.

Bridging Data Center Workflows with ServiceNow

Enter the Nlyte Software Service Management Connector for ServiceNow®, a revolutionary solution designed to seamlessly integrate data center Move-Add-Change (MAC) workflows with ServiceNow's Change and Release Management processes. This integration is pivotal for organizations aiming to synchronize their IT service management requests with data center operations, fostering centralized workflow process management and communication. The result? A more efficient drive towards business transformation.

The Nlyte Advantage

Nlyte's connector offers a unique benefit suite that significantly enhances how the data center environment manages change requests and incidents. By creating and managing Change requests (RFCs) directly from Nlyte, data is automatically relayed to ServiceNow, thereby initiating the Change Management process. This seamless flow ensures that incidents and service requests initiated from Nlyte Workflows are promptly updated in ServiceNow, maintaining a synchronized incident management and request fulfillment process.

Key Features and Capabilities

The Nlyte Service Management Connector is packed with features designed to align business processes across departments and platforms, including:

  • One-click Linking: Effortlessly link change request information with detailed data center insights collected in Nlyte.
  • Seamless Transitions: Ensure smooth transitions between the ServiceNow IT Service Management application and data center management tasks.
  • Bi-directional Data Flow: Maintain synchronized critical business processes with bi-directional data flows between Nlyte and ServiceNow.
  • Automated Task Execution: Leverage Nlyte’s deep linking to automatically action Move-Add-Change tasks in ServiceNow, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Nlyte Service Management Connector for ServiceNow - Drag-and-Drop an integration activity into the workflow

Comprehensive Integration Actions

The Nlyte ServiceNow® Connector facilitates a wide array of actions, including creating, updating, and closing change requests, incidents, and service requests. This comprehensive suite of functionalities ensures that every aspect of IT service management and data center operations is covered, from the initial request to the final closure.


The Nlyte Software Service Management Connector for ServiceNow® represents a significant leap forward in the integration of IT service management and data center operations. By leveraging this powerful tool, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of operational efficiency, risk reduction, and alignment between IT and business objectives. The future of IT service management is here, and it's more connected, efficient, and intelligent than ever before.

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