Nlyte Overview

Who We Are

Nlyte Software was formed in 2004 originally as Global DataCenter Management (GDCMTM) by data center managers that knew there must be a better way to manage the complexity of data center resources, assets and staff than the arcane tools that were in use. They knew that spreadsheets, Visio and CAD drawings were tactical responses to a strategic problem that did not address the mission critical nature of computing.  About the same time that ‘Data Center Infrastructure Management’ (DCIM) was established as a market segment, GDCM was renamed Nlyte Software and moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley. Today, over 10 years later, Nlyte Software is currently delivering our 7th generation of products to hundreds of customers worldwide, based on market and customer feedback. We pride ourselves on being laser-focused on our clients, ensuring they derive maximum business value from their DCIM deployments. Nlyte delivers the industry’s benchmark for DCIM, ensuring our solutions are tightly integrated into existing business processes, IT systems and infrastructure.

There are many reasons why you should select Nlyte as your DCIM vendor.  Recognized by the analyst community as the leader in DCIM, Nlyte’s robust, proven solution works the way you and your organization want to work, backed by the industry’s most highly scalable, modern, flexible architecture. And since DCIM is not a standalone toolset, you should feel comfortable knowing that with Nlyte, the integration to your existing management frameworks are available off-the-shelf (rather than through complex custom programming engagements). And when it comes time to deploy, customize or add new capabilities or new locations, Nlyte is the fastest DCIM solution to deploy and is supported by our experienced service professionals who will be there with you at each step of your DCIM journey.

Here’s what some of our customers, partners and industry analysts have to say

“Nlyte continues to be a pure-play software leader in the DCIM category and has done an excellent job helping end users understand how to manage the datacenter as a business and elevating the discussion to the C-Suite. Beyond a tactical facilities or datacenter tool, Nlyte’s solution is a business life-cycle management and decision support solution. The company is one of the first to understand the importance of interfacing DCIM with ITSM tools – a critical differentiator in the market.”

Jennifer Koppy, Research Manager, Data Center Infrastructure, IDC Research
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“The new HP Converged Management Consulting Services combined with the Nlyte platform helps address customers’ challenges by delivering deep expertise in ITSM, IT infrastructure, and facilities, a framework to connect goals, systems and processes with a top DCIM platform.”

Rick Einhorn, vice president, Technology Services, Datacenter Consulting, HP
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“The operational value of DCIM is well understood. Companies are now seeking greater financial insight and management of their datacenters—to address capacity limitations and to make IT service decisions. Nlyte Software is helping not just datacenter operators but also C-level and other executives better understand their large-scale data center environments.”

Rhonda Ascietro, Senior Analyst Datacenter Technologies and Eco-efficient IT, 451 Research
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“The ease of use and simplicity of the Nlyte DCIM suite means tracking the continually changing assets inside our data centres is no longer a headache, as the entire data centre infrastructure is now being mapped and managed using a single version of the truth. With its intelligent DCIM technology, the Nlyte Suite enables us to understand every element of our data centre environment from energy use by client down to individual asset efficiency. We now operate in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner, while also delivering quality services to our clients.”

European Data Centre Manager, Ticketmaster