Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management

Automating processes, policies and dependencies

The complexity of managing the dynamic environment of people, power, networking, assets, policies, changes and business attributes makes it difficult to efficiently operate a data center. Reduce resource costs (assets, space and energy), increase data center personnel efficiency while increasing agility to better respond to business demands.

Nlyte DCIM solves data center challenges

Running out of capacity in the data center can lead to costly capital decisions. The hassles of operating from, maintaining and reporting out of standalone, non-automated spreadsheets, CAD and Visio drawings eats away at workers’ time. It is difficult to be agile. You need to respond to, even anticipate the needs of the business.

The Nlyte data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution automates the management of processes, policies and dependencies that surround data center infrastructure.  Nlyte addresses common IT activities involving the physical environment of data centers.

Capacity Planning

Overspending for capacity that you don’t need is worse than not having enough capacity to complete a new project. Before you start your new data center build out, plan your data center migration or consolidation project, or think about swapping out old equipment for new, you need to know if your facility’s capacity is up to the task. Nlyte’s capacity planning capabilities  allows you to forecast and predict the future state of your data center’s power, space, cooling and network capacity based on “what if” models.

Capacity Planning

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Floor Planner

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Organize Asset Information

Intelligent Asset Allocation

Bulk Data Upload

Asset Management

Unsure of where assets are? Who owns them? How old they are? Nlyte enables you to get your asset data out of ad hoc solutions, such as spreadsheets and Visio diagrams, and loaded quickly into our Content Database. Model your data center move, add and change initiatives – based on an accurate representation of your data center – before you execute them. Replace inefficient assets in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition to Nlyte’s core asset management capabilities, we have additional asset management products.


Based on a business intelligence engine, Nlyte provides a number of predefined dashboards and reports with the flexibility to create, deploy and maintain your own. Through state-of-the-art data visualization, both data center personnel and senior management will gain the critical operational metrics required to manage today’s sophisticated data center facilities at the touch of a button.

Operational Dashboards

Heat cooling history and forecast

Power Capacity


Real-time monitoring and alarming of power & environmental data so you can get accurate  readings of all environmental conditions in your data center. Whether from a powerstrip, PDU, server level CPU or a sensor, you can get actionable information and triggered alarms connecting with the most popular protocols.


Connection Management

Nlyte has a powerful, intuitive and highly graphical approach to tracing both your power and data connections within your data center. Avoid downtime and improve capacity planning for power and network connectivity.

Connection Manager
Workflow Manager Nlyte DCIM Suite

Workflow Management

Nlyte provides the ability to define and manage the execution of service request processes within the Nlyte data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution. Nlyte enables the precise alignment of workflow tasks with the specific resources required to execute those tasks which results in dramatic improvements in overall data center operational efficiency.


Virtualization Integration

Virtualization is driving higher and higher server utilization in today’s data centers and while compute capacity is being checked, rack power and cooling capacities are not – exposing your data center to needless shut down risk. Yet data centers are already highly complex and difficult to manage; virtualization just adds a layer to this complexity. Fortunately, the Nlyte Virtualization Connectors simplify the management of physical and virtual resources, aligning your VM guests to  physical resources for all the leading hypervisors mitigating your risk.



CMDB Integration

Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) are frequently out of date, difficult to maintain, and heavily dependent on network discovered assets. The asset information contained in them is usually limited to cursory Configuration Item (CI) attributes that don’t go very far beyond make, model, and by inference how many of them you have. Fortunately, Nlyte has created a set of connectors for its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution that bi-directionally synchronizes CI/asset attribute data between the Nlyte Central Repository and several industry leading CMDB and Discovery solutions. The result is enriched, accurate asset data that can help in planning, managing and optimizing your data.



Change Management Integration

Do you wish your IT service management change requests were connected to those in your data center? Or that your data center Move-Add-Change workflows could connect to those in your Change Management system? Fortunately, the Nlyte data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution has an available connector to several industry-leading Change Management solutions to provide centralized workflow process management and communication to drive your business change.