Data Center Service Management

Cost Effectively Delivering Service from the Data Center for ITSM

Many physical data center workflows occur outside of your lTSM ITIL processes. Deliver cost effective SLAs, keep your ITSM information accurate, streamline processes, and better measure efficiency and costs by improving the connection of your ITSM with the data center.

Drive down costs and improve SLAs for your IT Service Management

Are you somewhat frustrated by incomplete data surrounding aspects of your physical infrastructure: inaccurate CMDB CIs, inability to know where assets are let alone when they’ll arrive (especially if they are new or moving), and no way to accurately attribute operational usage costs? These items are not trivial. In fact, these information gaps lead to downstream problems such as inefficient Change Requests that “go dark” when something leaves IT and enters the Data Center, poor TCO calculations, and perhaps worst of all, very expensive capacity management decisions based on inaccurate CMDB information.

451 Research Webinar: Essential Missing Piece of ITSM

The next big step in the evolution and deployment of ITSM and DCIM is for them to be tied closely together, with DCIM integrated as a component of, or complement to, ITSM…..When you combine these systems, you create end-to-end DCSM, which is the end game for companies looking to optimize their data centers and build an efficient and reliable foundation for service delivery.

Andy Lawrence, VP of Research, Data Center Technology at 451 Research

Nlyte for ITSM – How Data Center Service Management Gets Done

Nlyte has not one but three product solutions to address these issues:  Nlyte for BMC ITSM, Nlyte for HP ITSM and Nlyte for ServiceNow ITSM. With our foundational Nlyte 8 data center infrastructure management (DCIM) product coupled with our CMDB and Change Management connectors for BMC, HP and ServiceNow, Nlyte has done all the hard work for you.

Nlyte for BMC ITSMNlyte for BMC ITSM

data sheet

Nlyte for HP ITSM

data sheet

Nlyte for ServiceNow ITSM

Nlyte for ServiceNow ITSM

data sheet

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is Foundational for DCSM



Data Center Infrastructure Management

Robust and Seamlessly Integrated Workflow

Robust and Seamlessly Integrated Workflow

Connectors built on Web Services Architecture

Pre-built Connectors and Web Services Based Architecture

It’s more than managing infrastructure….. It’s about cost effectively delivering a service

How DCSM Improves ITSM


Bolster ITSM with new information

  • Bolster ITSM with new information
  • Keep existing information current

Greater control of change process in data center with DCSM

  • Greater control of change process in data center
  • Enforce best practices
  • Improved incident resolution

Improved measurement of costs with DCSM

  • Improved measurement of costs
  • Increased accuracy of SLAs


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