Workflow Management

Workflow process design helps optimize and integrate workflows (1of 3 screenshots)

Detailed, visual work orders minimize human errors (2 of 3 screenshots)

Enhanced resource management based on a group’s availability facilitates scheduling & management of colocation facilities (3 of 3 screenshots)

Importance to Colocation

  • Enhance colocation operation by coordinating resources where and when most needed
  • Increase planning accuracies and minimize human errors
  • Aid contingency planning by pre-establishing chain of command in case of emergency

Having a robust workflow is a crucial pre-requisite to fulfill your SLA accurately and achieve compliance in colocation management.

Integration of Nlyte Energy Optimizer with Nlyte Enterprise Edition Workflow allows for alarm handling and depending on how deep the workflow process goes, alarm correlation.

Nlyte Energy Optimizer can spawn a workflow from an alert condition and have the workflow in Nlyte Enterprise Edition process through the steps of alarm management.