Harnessing the Power of Virtualization: Nlyte Software’s Connector for VMware

In the realm of modern data centers, virtualization is a key player, significantly enhancing server utilization while introducing a new layer of complexity. As the focus often lies on computing capacity, the critical aspects of power and cooling requirements for server racks can sometimes be overlooked, creating potential risks for unplanned shutdowns. Nlyte Software's innovative solution - the Virtualization Connector for VMware - is designed to bridge this gap, ensuring a harmonized management of both physical and virtual environments and mitigating associated risks.

Integrating Virtual with Physical

The Nlyte Virtualization Connector seamlessly integrates with VMware® vCenter Server™, VMware® ESX®, and VMware® ESXi™ hypervisors. It leverages Nlyte API web services to manage the IT infrastructure dynamically, providing a comprehensive view encompassing physical and virtual servers. This connector facilitates the automatic discovery and continuous monitoring of virtual machines, ensuring that any changes within the hypervisors are promptly updated. Such automation enhances the visibility and value of virtual assets and ensures that business operations remain unaffected by changes in the virtual environment.

The Nlyte Advantage

Streamlined Management: The connector simplifies the management of virtualized data centers, offering a unified platform that automatically adapts to changes, thus reducing complexity and cost.

Enhanced Control: It provides integrated control over both physical and virtual resources, eliminating the need for disparate management systems and manual synchronization efforts.

Risk Mitigation: During hardware changes, the connector helps identify potential impacts on higher-level instances, thereby minimizing risks associated with moves, additions, and decommissions.

Reduced MTTR: By accurately locating the physical server hosting the virtual machine or its host, the connector significantly decreases the Mean Time to Repair during outages.

Key Features

  • Unified View: Offers a comprehensive view of all physical and virtual servers, machines, and data center layouts for streamlined management.
  • Automatic Discovery and Monitoring: Continuously tracks and integrates Virtual Machine events into the Nlyte system, ensuring real-time updates.
  • Real-Time Updates: Reflects changes in application relationships within hypervisors in the Nlyte system automatically.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Provides detailed insights into the interconnections between physical and virtual resources and their relevance to business operations.

Real-Time and Manual Integration Benefits

The connector not only automates adding and updating host records linked to server assets but also allows for manual modeling of virtual machines to anticipate future growth. This flexibility ensures that physical and virtual environments are accurately represented and managed within the Nlyte ecosystem.

Deployment and Prerequisites

Designed for easy deployment across enterprises, the Nlyte Virtualization Connector for VMware is an off-the-shelf, optional connector that requires Nlyte 12.5 or higher. For manual integration, prerequisites include connecting Microsoft Excel to Nlyte’s API interface, allowing for the manual upload of hosts to physical server assets, and editing associated physical relationships.


Nlyte Software’s Virtualization Connector for VMware represents a significant advancement in the management of virtualized data centers. By providing a unified platform for the seamless integration of physical and virtual resources, it not only simplifies management but also enhances operational efficiency, reduces risks, and ensures business continuity. As virtualization continues to evolve, solutions like Nlyte’s connector are essential for organizations looking to maintain a competitive edge in the management of their IT infrastructure.

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