Nlyte the Leader In Data Center Management Innovation

Since the Gartner Magic Quadrant days, analysts, integrators, and customers have chosen Nlyte Software as the leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).  A recent report (August 21, 2020) from 451 Research declares Nlyte the “Pure Play” DCIM Leader with its scalability for large organizations and DMaaS offering.  While competitors like Sunbird, Schneider Electric, and Vertiv play mostly in power capacity management, Nlyte has taken a leadership role in new market dynamics.  Nlyte has been recognized as a cornerstone in the evolving Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM) by Gartner.  Carrier has partnered with Nlyte because of its advanced capabilities in Integrated Data Center Management (IDCM).  This leadership is earned by its Innovation Firsts, Architecture, Security, and Integrations.

Nlyte is the most innovative Next Generation DCIM company

  • Nlyte’s roadmap is driven by a balance of customer needs and an eye on technology advancement.
  • In its earlier generations, Nlyte was the first to be protocol agnostic and offer out-of-the-box connectors.
  • Nlyte realized a need for more in-depth analytics to support the enormous complexity of data produced and partnered with IBM Watson IoT to deliver Insight with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Nlyte is one of a few to offer Data Center Management as a Service (DMaaS)
  • Next, Nlyte realized that further automation of DCIM needed to enhance asset management, so we introduced protocol-agnostic discovery as integration to its core database and CMDBs like ServiceNow.
  • The US Federal DCOI initiatives architects realized that DCIM was the cornerstone to its success and worked with Nlyte to develop the first and most widely adopted reporting solution. Nlyte was also involved in restructuring the second revision (M19-19) of the order and offer compliant reports.
  • Nlyte leveraged its automated discovery engine’s power and developed the first, and only DCIM focused mapping tool. Nlyte can tie together the dependencies from the application workload to the server, network, and power system to ensure maximum reliability and reduced planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Gartner’s called out that Nlyte DCIM was the cornerstone architecture for the emerging Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management practice because of Nlyte’s extended ability to encompass the entire computing infrastructure from the data center, colocation, edge, and now public clouds like AWS and Azure.
  • With the sustainability initiative becoming a priority again, Nlyte has looked for ways to assist ESG Officers in managing and achieving their goals. BMS organizations like Carrier’s Automate Logic have turned to Nlyte to jointly provide Integrated Data Center Management to track and improve thermal and energy demands on data center facilities.
  • And while the other DCIM providers are tinkering with the user interfaces and fixing bugs, Nlyte has come out with an Augmented Reality This AR solution helps manage a massive data center, supporting remote locations and lights-out facilities, or contending with limited trained support staff. Nlyte AR delivers skilled hands no matter how far away.

Nlyte has the most Mature and Secure Architecture (well beyond 2nd Gen stuff)

  • 11th Generation
  • Enterprise Grade
  • Design to support hyper-scale
    • Certified to 200,000 racks
    • >15,000,000 assets
    • >600 registered workflow users
    • >10,000 MACs/month
  • Secure and validated
    • FIPS and TLS 1.2 compliant
    • Role and Location based access controls
    • VeraCode Verified
    • SAML 2.0
    • US DHS CDM-1
  • User Focused
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Web-based architecture
  • User-configurable communications framework
  • API’s access all data via web interface
  • Modular Design to implement only what you need and grow when you need
  • Open Architecture, it your software and your business, run it how you need to
  • Available SaaS or on premise
  • Reports, canned, customizable, or managed through your BI tool
  • API’s access ALL data

Nlyte is the most highly connected and integrated DCIM software

Nlyte Software was the first in the DCIM software industry to integrate with ITSM providers such as ServiceNow, HP, IBM, and BMC and Virtualization vendors, including VMware, Citrix, RedHat, and others.  Nlyte continues to add and extend it into the data center facility and infrastructure, from power strips to chillers to HPC devices.

Facility Integrations

Building management systems (BMS) that Nlyte integrates with include Carrier, Honeywell, Siemens, Tridium, and several others, delivering workflow coordination, end to end power flow, and thermal data aggregation.   Integration with Electrical Power Monitoring Systems (EPMS) providing monitoring, mapping, trending, and predictive analysis include Asco Power Technologies, Eaton, Power Logic, and more.  With over 50 hardware vendors like Anord Mardix, Geist, and Vertiv, Nlyte helps manage telemetry, access control, location auditing, and remote power management.

IT Service Management Integration

BMC, ServiceNow, and HP are the IT Service Management (ITSM) Nlyte have out-of-the-box integration with these and several others.  These integrations provide bilateral data sharing, workflow integration and tracking, asset validation, location tracking, dependency mapping, and enriched asset metadata.

Virtual Machine Integrations

Nlyte goes beyond managing the physical world but extends its management integrations down the application workload by connecting with the major hypervisors.  Nlyte brings a single view of physical and virtual machines (VMs), automatic discovery or VMs, monitoring the hypervisor status, mapping relationships and changes of applications and VMs, and connecting clusters and hosts.

Hybrid Cloud Integrations

Nlyte provides hybrid cloud implementations to include the environmental status and workload efficiency in AWS and Azure clouds.

Reporting and Analytics Integrations

Nlyte realizes that Business Intelligence is critical to run today's sophisticated infrastructure.  Nlyte leverages the power of IBM Watson IoT to deliver deep analytics while letting you leverage Power BI, Tableau, and other BI systems to analyze and report the critical things to you and your organization.

Standard and Protocols

Nlyte is strictly protocol agnostic and does not restrict you to a single vendor's protocol or limited SNMP communication.  Nlyte accommodates your equipment and infrastructure from Modbus to BACnet, JASON, and beyond.

Your DCIM Solution needs to be Next-Gen!

While us old timers remember the early days of DCIM tools, (at one time, I think Gartner was tracking 15+ solutions), times have changed.  DCIM tools were either overly complicated and had a steep learning curve, or simple, glorified spreadsheets and Visio tools.  Fortunately, most of those bad and ineffective tools have gone to the big shelf-ware in the sky. Are the few tools left as good as they can be? Or more importantly, are they all that you need?

Be cautious about buzzwords like “2nd Gen DCIM”, “simple”, and “user-friendly”.  2nd Gen simply means after 1st Gen. This is not saying much since 1st Gen was severely lacking in what it delivered.  Simple and user-friendly are things we all want, but there is a difference between simple and simplistic!

While we think (as do most others) Nlyte is the best choice in DCIM Software solutions, check it out!

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