Google feels the sting of GDPR with $57M Fine

The Washington Post reported today that Google was fined $57 million for violations of the new European Privacy protection law GDPR.  This is the tip of the iceberg, as The EU and other countries are enforcing data protection and privacy of their citizens.  Many companies think it is a simple matter of restricting access to lists in a database, but the law is much more extensive.

While the end game is to allow for and protect individual’s privacy, the macerations that any organization doing business in the EU, is quite complex.  The law extends beyond access of data to traceability, accountability and auditability.  An organization needs to show the security and control of all compute and networking equipment (assets) that process, store, and transmit any personal data.  Nlyte’s Data Center Infrastructure Management and Technology Asset Management solutions are tailored to delivering GDPR compliance into the compute infrastructure and help you avoid fines like Google.

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