Infographic: Hybrid cloud

When considering a hybrid cloud strategy, here are some questions to consider:

  1. What are the specific business goals or objectives that you are hoping to achieve through a hybrid cloud strategy?
  2. Which workloads and applications are best suited for public cloud vs. private cloud deployment? How will you decide which ones to migrate or keep on-premise?
  3. What are the security and compliance requirements for your organization, and how will you ensure that they are met in a hybrid cloud environment?
  4. What kind of data management and governance policies do you need to put in place to ensure consistency and accuracy of data across different cloud environments?
  5. How will you manage the complexity of multiple cloud environments, including networking, storage, and application deployment?
  6. What are the cost considerations for a hybrid cloud strategy, including infrastructure, licensing, and maintenance costs?
  7. How will you ensure seamless integration and interoperability between public and private cloud environments, as well as with any legacy systems?
  8. What kind of monitoring and management tools will you need to implement to ensure that your hybrid cloud environment is running smoothly and effectively?
  9. What kind of skills and expertise do you need to manage a hybrid cloud environment, and how will you acquire or develop these skills?
  10. How will you measure the success of your hybrid cloud strategy and make adjustments as needed?

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