A 2nd Gen DCIM Tool is not a NextGen DCIM Solution

While us old timers remember the early days of DCIM tools, (at one time, I think Gartner was tracking 15+ solutions), times have changed.  DCIM tools were either overly complicated and had a steep learning curve, or simple, glorified spreadsheets and Visio tools.  Fortunately, most of those bad and ineffective tools have gone to the big shelf-ware in the sky. Are the few tools left as good as they can be? Or more importantly, are they all that you need?

Be cautious about buzzwords like “2nd Gen DCIM”, “simple”, and “user-friendly”.  2nd Gen simply means after 1st Gen. This is not saying much since 1st Gen was severely lacking in what it delivered.  Simple and user-friendly are things we all want, but there is a difference between simple and simplistic!

Your DCIM solution needs to be NextGen!

Our data centers are anything but simple. A DCIM solution should not treat it that way.  User-friendly is a beautiful concept if it is also “business-friendly”. We do not have chimps installing hardware or running reports. Complex infrastructures and meeting the needs of the business are real-world considerations. These are rarely are supported by a one-size-fits-all “chimps” software.

Your DCIM solution needs to be Next Gen! (Such as 11th Gen like Nlyte DCIM Software.) Next Gen DCIM is deployed by industry leaders like IBM, Cisco, ING, and The US Airforce across their global infrastructure.  It scales to hundreds of thousands of racks and millions of devices. It does all this from a single instance without performance degradation.  It is secure and tested for vulnerabilities by multiple 3rd party organizations.

NextGen HDIM

Your Next Gen DCIM needs to be the Next Gen Hybrid Digital Infrastructure solution (HDIM).The DCIM solution needs to automatically track and map the dependencies between assets, workloads, the network, and the power chain, regardless of where they are.  The DCIM solution needs to seamlessly integrate with ITSM, BMS, and other BI systems without costly services, internal development, or maintenance overhead.  It needs to act as the single source of truth brokering data across systems and teams to run your business how you need to run your business.

Your Next Gen DCIM needs to show innovation beyond the 1st and 2nd Gen DCIM vendors.  Its roadmap needs to deliver functionality demanded by customers and industry-first, Next Gen solutions like:

Workload Optimization is the Promise of the Hybrid Cloud

Asset management and capacity planning are essential, but they are no longer the endgame for the data center team.  Workload optimization is the promise of the hybrid cloud and is your Next Gen data center landscape.

Your Next Gen DCIM needs meet the demands of your ever-evolving digital landscape.  Nlyte DCIM software grew from the data center fundamentals and as indicated by Gartner, is ready to be the Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management solution data center professionals need today.

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