Trending Topics in DCIM, 2024

Current trending topics in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for 2024 include several key areas influenced by technological advancements and environmental concerns:

  1. AI and Edge Computing: The surge in AI adoption is driving a shift toward edge computing. Data centers are increasingly moving AI computation closer to the edge to reduce latency and improve performance. This trend also emphasizes the need for infrastructure that can support high-density computing, such as liquid cooling systems (DCD) (Data Center Knowledge) (Tech Wire Asia).
  2. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: With the growing demand for data processing power, data centers are focusing on sustainable practices. This includes integrating renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency through technologies like battery energy storage systems (BESS), and enhancing cooling methods. The push for greener operations is also driven by stricter climate reporting regulations and the necessity to reduce carbon emissions (DCD) (Data Center Post).
  3. DCIM and Environmental Reporting: Data Center Infrastructure Management tools are gaining prominence, especially in the context of environmental sustainability. DCIM is becoming essential for tracking and reporting carbon emissions, helping data centers meet their environmental goals and comply with new regulations (ITPro Today).
  4. Cloud Recalibration and Hybrid Solutions: While cloud adoption continues to grow, there is a noticeable shift towards hybrid solutions. Organizations are balancing their investments between public cloud services and on-premises or private cloud infrastructures to optimize costs, enhance security, and improve resilience (Data Center Knowledge) (Tech Wire Asia).
  5. Innovations in Power and Cooling: As AI workloads increase, so do the demands on power and cooling systems. Innovations like prefabricated modular data centers and advanced cooling technologies are becoming more prevalent. These innovations help in quickly scaling operations while maintaining energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact (Tech Wire Asia) (Data Center Post) Carrier Ventures Announces Investment in Strategic Thermal Labs for Development of Groundbreaking Data Center Cooling Technology.
  6. Geopolitics and Supply Chain Diversification: Geopolitical factors are increasingly affecting data center operations. The need for greater transparency in the supply chain, especially regarding the sourcing of critical components like semiconductors and GPUs, is becoming more pronounced. Data centers are diversifying their supply chains to include regions like Vietnam, Eastern Europe, and Mexico to mitigate risks and meet regulatory requirements (Data Center Post).

These trends reflect a broader transformation in the data center industry, driven by technological advancements, regulatory pressures, and the imperative for sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

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