What To Do When Your DCIM Leaves You

So, your DCIM provider just cut the cord.  You no longer can get the support needed to manage your dynamic data center.  You may ask, can I limp along with what I have?  Do I want to go through the implementation of another DCIM provider?  What is it going to cost me to do this?  While these questions are reasonable to ask, the converse questions should be asked.

  • Why did you implement DCIM in the first place?
  • Can I afford to lose support for new equipment or tech refreshes?
  • What is it going to cost you in time and money to maintain the old environment?

You most likely implemented DCIM to manage capacity planning for space and power, track assets, coordinate workflows between teams, and get rid of manual Visio and Excel tools.  Your data center is changing, and technology is evolving in both facilities and computing. You need to replace old equipment as it reaches end-of-life.  If these new technologies are not recognized or supported with the DCIM relic you have, you are reverting to the dark ages before DCIM.  Several have started down the path to build their own automated solutions and quickly discovered that the overhead and cost to develop and maintain in-house are prohibitive.

Change is hard, and we expect to put off things that aren't causing us significant discomfort until we have to.  Well, the loss of DCIM support is that discomforting wake-up call.  So now that you have to make a change, it might be exciting to see where DCIM has evolved and what more it can do for you.  Migrating to a new and better DCIM is easy! Nlyte is the most widely deployed DCIM product and in the world's largest and most sophisticated data centers.  Nlyte has consistently evolved its solution to meet the needs of its customers and adopt new technology.  And as a further vote of confidence, Carrier Corporation has brought Nlyte into its portfolio to enhance its Smart Building portfolio further.

Beyond the classic DCIM proof of concept checklist items, the widest selection of 3rd party connectors, Nlyte also provides advanced technologies including Machine Learning, network mapping, discovery, and augmented reality.  And now that Nlyte is part of Automated Logic, a Carrier company, we provide Integrated Data Center Management bringing transparency to facilities and the data center for more effective energy management.  So don't lament your loss; reach out to Nlyte and let our team help you to regain control of your data centers future today.

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