IDCM Integrates BMS, ITOps and DCIM

IDCM is the integration between Building Management Systems (BMS) also referred to as Building Automation Systems (BAS), DCIM solutions, and IT operations.

This single pane of glass allows for the precise coordination between various responsible groups to manage and optimize resources including: servers, chillers, power distribution, and more within the data center and the application workloads running there.

This book explains the importance of IDCM, describes the key components of the architecture and guides you in a step-by-step formula for a successful IDCM implementation.

Because this is a For Dummies book, you can be sure that it’s easy to read and has touches of humor.


eBook Chapters include:

  • What is IDCM and Why Do You Need It?
  • Exploring IDCM Building Blocks
  • Defining IDCM Use Cases
  • Getting the Most Value from IDCM
  • 10 Benefits and Capabilities of Integrated Data Center Management

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“We deferred a data center build for about $20 million…
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James Cribari
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