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Today the power of data is unarguable, driving record investments in data centers. From a single server room tucked away in one obsolete office corner, the data center has evolved and is perceived as a corporate nerve center, essential for business continuity. These facilities form the backbone of our daily life, from video streaming to commerce and banking. Their importance will only increase with the expansion of digitization and the continual stream of new services.

While several factors such as cooling, power, and space contribute to high performance, class 3 and class 4 data centers look closer and top the list is effective workflows. Consider an illustrative analogy – Why do houses exist? – Not for the sake of the structure, but rather to provide shelter and comfort to the inhabitants. Similarly, why do data centers exist? It all boils down to optimizing the entire enterprise environment from the critical facility to the software, to enable workloads to run optimally.

Nlyte Software is creating a significant stir in the market through our comprehensive off-the-shelf software solutions that empower organizations to optimize their IT assets and workload infrastructure. Nlyte Software is the go-to authority for workload asset management, and strategic compute infrastructure solutions. Our solutions automate discovery, workflow management, and reporting across the entire technology stack—physical, virtual, and edge—including software and IoT devices. While our core experience started in the data center, we offer an enterprise solution to enable workload optimization for IT, facilities, and business units through intelligent insight and comprehensive management of underlying assets.

Powering the New Age Enterprise

To address these points, first, consider the data center facilities themselves. Data centers are extraordinarily expensive facilities both to build and run. An ever-sharper focus on reducing costs and risks while increasing flexibility has placed a new spotlight on these facilities. Importantly, data centers have an added aspect that few other industries have: optionality. There are numerous ready alternatives to the traditional data center, from software in the cloud (such as Microsoft 365) to placing equipment in a shared facility (namely the colocation provider market, with many massive players such as Digital Realty and CyrusOne).

However, the biggest challenge facing data center operators is the inability to understand and plan for growth and efficiently leverage the various options to run workloads. A survey by Uptime Institute, an advisory organization, reinforces the issue by showing that 48 percent of C-suite executives do not have the correct information and solutions to optimize their workloads.

At the onset of any project, the Nlyte team thoroughly understands the client's environment, challenges, and goals. In our experience, few customers keep accurate track of their computing inventory. One of the first things for any optimization project is documenting the workload infrastructure and establishing a technology asset baseline. Nlyte's software solutions meet the entire continuum of a client's enterprise workload optimization needs, including people, power, networking, assets, and policies, all backed by management best practices. Unlike niche vendors that deal with only one aspect of enterprise needs, the breadth and depth of Nlyte's solutions are truly unique. The company is a one-stop shop for all asset management needs, and all its solutions are designed to be agile, economical, and responsive.

End-to-End Solutions

For optimal workload asset management, Nlyte offers several tools that broadly address three areas. The first is infrastructure operations and optimization, the solutions designed to reduce the number of ad-hoc processes at play in a data center while improving ROI. Whether the need of the hour is space planning, energy optimization, or physical capacity management, Nlyte covers it all through state-of-the-art applications. Nlyte Energy Optimizer comes to the rescue for all power and energy-related concerns in the case of reporting, systems integrations, and risk mitigation.

To maximize the production value of assets, Nlyte also provides technology asset management solutions, where an asset is anything from hardware to all the applications and software that run across different environments. Nlyte extends this beyond facility to the entire IoT and assesses everything attached to a network. In that respect, Nlyte's Asset Explorer is an enterprise software solution that automatically collects detailed information about every device connected to the network. To help optimize infrastructure assets and the operations around them, the Nlyte Asset Optimizer is another open and scalable software solution that manages assets from receiving dock to decommissioning globally or rack by rack in a data center, colocation, or edge facility.

Nlyte is invested in edge computing, considered the next frontier for data centers; another groundbreaking solution offered by the company is the Nlyte Edge Computing software. Through this software, organizations can achieve a single pane of glass view of all assets from remote facilities. With organizations shifting toward a decentralized data center model to reduce latency and the risk of failure, a distributed environment calls for intelligent remote management. On top of that, edge data centers don't run independently but are part of a larger fabric. Nlyte's Edge software aggregates all computing facilities in edge data centers for centralized visibility while eliminating the cost of localized management products.

Underpinning infrastructure and asset management is Nlyte's analytics suite built on top of IBM's Watson. Nlyte Machine Learning is a purpose-built framework that captures, normalizes, and analyzes large amounts of data for improved decision-making and performance. Traditional rules and management systems can no longer live up to the scale and complexity of modern-day data analytics needs. Nlyte's powerful cognitive system is easy to adopt and drives modern-day digital infrastructures' performance, resiliency, and security.

Showcasing a Winning Streak

The fact that the technology conglomerate Cisco uses Nlyte's products in all their 24 data centers worldwide is a testament to the company's exceptional value proposition. Like most industry titans, Cisco operates highly distributed data centers that are not only complex, but their sheer size makes them formidable to manage. Nlyte provided Cisco with practical, measurable benefits. The company replaced all manual processes with automated solutions that were transparent and scalable. From physical asset and infrastructure management and power and sensor management to seamless workflow management Nlyte had a solution that helped Cisco establish advanced and next-gen data center architecture.

Another case in point is that of Mentor Graphics, a US-based electronic design automation company that faced low visibility into data center operations, poor capacity planning, and an ineffective reporting and analytics plan. Upon implementing Nlyte's monitoring solution, the client received the detailed location of all data center assets, a comprehensive view of data center capacity planning, and centralized insight into all data center activities. With Nlyte, Mentor Graphics had not only complete visibility into key business metrics but also achieved agile IT service delivery and all this while reducing costs.

As modern-day infrastructures get more complex and critical, Nlyte’s expertise, customer-centric approach, and solutions enable enterprises to implement a workload asset management practice focused on optimizing critical workloads dynamically.

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