Managing the Technology Asset Chaos

As technology evolves some things never change. The days of thinking "what happens if I do this”, such as the consequences of deploying or using technology, are long gone. Today, after client/server and cloud trends, people still implement technology without any thought on how they are going to manage it in the field. Without proper Technology Asset Management (TAM), there are no enforceable controls -- from security, disaster recovery, to just plain knowing what and where an asset is!

Technology Asset Management (TAM) has seen companies struggling to understand:

  • What assets they have
  • What is the asset doing
  • With which applications
  • Are the entitlements valid
  • What services are being delivered on them
  • When they were purchased

IoT (Internet of Things) is another example of adding new technologies with no controls – adding to the chaos. Exacerbating the management of assets are the IoT vendors creating their own standard for managing their IoT devices. This should be a red flag to anyone acquiring new technology! There are many existing standards to manage technology that make new, proprietary ones not necessary. This is a vendor lock-in strategy. You can alleviate this by requiring all components and devices have and use an existing industry standard protocol in your RFIs. Whether it is a medical device, a web cam, a sensor, or computer, these standards will enable you to more easily inventory, track and monitor all your assets

For IT and data center professionals, IoT also breaks the boundaries and controls of your existing compute and technology infrastructure. In response, we have architected our Nlyte TAM solution to be "component" based from the beginning, allowing you to manage and track anything and everything in one simple consolidated database.

IoT assets are very often comprised of more than one component creating a "Thing". Each and every one of these things can be tracked in Nlyte’s fully automated TAM solutions. Additionally, users can track the lifecycle of each component from the purchasing information, status, and ownership, providing the data to keep “Things” under control. Nlyte provides a simple press-of-a-button access to information of all your “Things” and how they are linked to people and locations.

TAM solutions provide the functionality you need, including:

  • From a security perspective -- You will know what you didn’t know was on the network!
  • From a project perspective --You will know if the goals or milestones are being reached with the Asset Intelligence data!

Don't be fooled by the big-box fancy presentations. Too many "products" are built using a presentation and not from real-world experienced users. Nlyte builds real solutions that solve real world problems and evolve to your real world tomorrow. Be part of your organization’s solution and avoid the chaos.

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